UX Design Intern |   Summer 2022

During a 10 week summer internship, I had the amazing opportunity to work with the iCrossing UX team on the Firestone/Bridgestone account delivering wireframes, conducting competitive analysis research, user testing, and working on blue sky projects that push customer experiences to the next level of comfort and ease.


The Work

So I Can’t Really Talk about It.

Due to NDA’s, I cant disclose more information about what I did with iCrossing over the summer, but I can share some testimonials from colleague :)

UX Director

Max Morein

I had the opportunity to manage Ghalib while he was a summer UX intern at iCrossing. From his first day, I was impressed by his willingness to jump directly into client work. He contributed to one of our most important CX projects of the year for a key client. He is collaborative and eager to learn and problem solve. Beyond this, Ghalib is kind and thoughtful - the type of person we'd all want on our team.

Account Manager

Carson Williams

I had the utmost pleasure of working with Ghalib as he interned with iCrossing this past summer, and I've missed him ever since. His intuition for design, immersion in the work, and love of people made him a treat to work with. He is a rare talent, and will undoubtedly do amazing things in the future.

Within a matter of weeks on our team, he was already engrossed in several projects and making tangible impacts on each of them. Most notably, Ghalib was tasked with redesigning a critical and high-touch section of our client's websites: this included website navigation and personalized site components. He worked closely with other members of our UX team, and collaborated seamlessly to push those designs forward. I was personally blown away by the results, and I wasn't alone. When the work was shown to our clients, it was lauded as "some of the best work they've seen in recent memory," and a project that represents the future of our clients' site experience.

In a short span of time, Ghalib left a real and lasting impact on our team's work; that alone is an innately impressive achievement. To accomplish that as part of an internship, though, is remarkable.

Outside of the intuitive and thoughtful approach he brings to his craft, Ghalib was a pleasure to work with interpersonally. He formed meaningful relationships with each of us on the team, and brought a positive energy to every call we were on.

If you're looking for a designer with talent and personality beyond his years, please look no further. Just give Ghalib an opportunity and watch him excel.

Senior Project Manager

Carrie Bloms

Ghalib was a fantastic UX design intern; probably the strongest I’ve worked with. As an intern he already showed confidence and capability with our platforms like Figma, and he contributed significantly on several projects. One of the main projects he worked on that he supported heavily was touted by our client as some of the best UX we have put forward.

Ghalib worked well within our UX team but was also great at collaborating and communicating with our creative and development teams. We do a lot of joint discipline working sessions and Ghalib was always engaged and not shy about participating and sharing his ideas.

He was a great asset to our team in the time he was here and we even jokingly tried to persuade him to skip out on the rest of school and stay working with us. Whoever has him next, whether that is an internship or full time job, will have gained a great UX Designer.

UX Designer

Maggie Brown

If you’ve already met Ghalib - even just over video chat - you’ll have a strong sense that he is a bright, enthusiastic, and kind young man. After working closely with him for several months, I can confirm that your intuition is spot on.

Ghalib was an intern for the iCrossing UX team over the summer of 2022. He quickly proved to be a critical player on our team. In just two short months, Ghalib worked on a range of projects across multiple accounts. I had the privilege of overseeing him build an extensive set of wireframes for iCrossing’s largest account. He designed them thoughtfully and efficiently, taking any critical feedback with both grace and a creative response. Even more to our delight, the client was thrilled with the result!

What perhaps impressed me most about working with Ghalib was that, despite his obvious natural talent, he remained humble, respectful, and a true team player. When internally presenting designs for the iCrossing website, he took care to hand the spotlight over to our other summer intern and to acknowledge the team’s efforts.

Over his summer with iCrossing, Ghalib made real contributions of which we are still reaping the benefits. His positive attitude and friendly spirit left a mark that I think is rare among interns.

I have no doubt that Ghalib will be a stellar addition to any design team lucky enough to find him.

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